What is Job Knowledge?

Job Knowledge is written into and recognised by most Welder Qualification standards and,

dependent on the standard, can become a mandatory requirement (for example, in ISO 24394 or BS EN ISO 14732).

Its purpose is to provide welders and operators with a thorough understanding of the

welding process being used. Job Knowledge covers the associated Health and Safety risks, welddefects and how to reduce their occurrence, the variables which can influence a change of welding parameters, and the importance and understanding of the Inert Gas Envelope, to name just a few.

Job Knowledge also satisfies HSE requirements that welders and operators have been adequately trained, which is clearly of benefit to employers. Providing welders with a better understanding of the adopted welding process reduces weld failures and improves overall weld quality, and this is where Job Knowledge really becomes effective.

If you or your company have any questions on Job Knowledge or would like more information please get in touch with our office.

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